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Kickstarter FAQ

Questions you might have as you complete your survey:


As you know, I neglected to 'turn off' shipping when the campaign began. As a result, Kayenta Games embraced the lower cost that was being added onto each pledge as the only shipping to be charged. I also created a location—the Aland Islands—where $0 shipping would be charged if desired.

  • If you were charged shipping during your campaign and you are happy with your pledge, you will not be charged anything when filling out your survey (completing your address information).

  • If you chose the Aland Islands as your location to avoid shipping, then when you change your address to reflect your actual location, you will be charged shipping (at the same subsidized, discounted rate as in the campaign).

  • NOTE: There is no shipping charge associated with the Backer-Created Promotional Tile Add-On (it can be added to any pledge).


In the Add-On section, you will see each game and the promotional tiles listed, along with every pledge level that was offered during the campaign.

  • If you want to add an a la carte game or a whole pledge bundle to your existing pledge, you will get the same deal as during the campaign, but you will see an additional full shipping charge added onto your pledge. Given all the possible game and add-on configurations and the shipping discounts for the different geographies, it was not possible to build comprehensive shipping tables. Kayenta Games will instead give you a personalized, updated and discounted shipping quote based upon the weight of what is added and your location. Email hallagan@kayentapublishing.com to get your shipping adjusted.

  • If you have a bulk order, contact me at hallagan@kayentapublishing.com BEFORE you place your bulk order (or to get a shipping quote if you pledged the bulk order).


A question not covered? Email hallagan@kayentapublishing.com!