Obsession and Upstairs, Downstairs
Resupply Update

US Orders

Limited Products

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6/27/2022: Obsession and Upstairs, Downstairs are sold out. There is a generous supply of the Wessex expansion and Promotional Tiles. The Useful Box is out of print.


WORLDWIDE RESUPPLY UPDATE: Over 28,000 games are on 4 ships headed to worldwide markets. Click HERE to get the latest (from a recent BoardGameGeek forum post).

​When ordering, please note:

  1. Personal Communication: In addition to standard Shopify messages, you will get a personal email from me giving details of your order, resources for getting started or integrating your expansions, and a direct connection to me to get any questions answered.

  2. Changes in the 3rd Printing and the 4th Printing currently underway: There are no gameplay changes!! These are not new editions, just new printings.

  3. Useful Box: Regular retail Useful Boxes are no longer available. The remaining limited inventory is being reserved for owners of the 2020 printing of Obsession, Wessex and/or Upstairs, Downstairs. These are available for 2020 game owners only by contacting Dan Hallagan at hallagan@kayentapublishing.com. The solo and promo content of the Useful Box will be made available in the future. In the interim, a Print and Play PDF file of the solo content from the Useful Box has been made available HERE.

Worldwide Distribution

U.S. Retail: See above. Expect Obsession pre-orders in mid-August.

European Retail: Spiral Galaxy (SG) is distributing Obsession games in Europe and is expecting inventory at the end of July. Resupply to the Continent takes a few weeks...


SG uses all major established European retail channels. For more information, email SG at orders@spiralgalaxygames.co.uk.

  • Note that they do not have significant Brexit issues and are supplying retailers in most populous European countries without issue.

  • See here for a list of European retailers. Obsession sold out in Europe (except for a few stray copies).

  • If you want your home country retailer to stock Obsession, have them contact Spiral Galaxy to get on the distribution list.
  • In the U.K., GamesLore will be taking pre-orders in the near future (click below):


GamesLore Orders


Canadian Retail: BoardGameBliss is selling Obsession games in Canada, but they have sold out this print run (they are taking pre-orders for inventory expected in September).

BGB Orders


Australasia Retail: Aetherworks (AW) is selling Obsession games in Australia, New Zealand and Australasian region. Note that AW is able to use all major established regional retail channels.

  • If you want your home country retailer to stock Obsession, have them contact Aetherworks to get on the distribution list.

  • AW is taking pre-orders and will have inventory in mid-July:

Aetherworks Orders

  1. RETAIL VERSION: The deluxe Kickstarter editions of Obsession, Upstairs, Downstairs, the Wessex expansion, and the Promotional Tiles are the only versions being sold retail. All stretch goals and deluxe components (including, for example, the box storage system above) are contained in the retail versions.

  2. SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Quartermaster Logistics (QML) ships within 3 days.

  3. ORDER TRACKING: QML will email you directly with your shipping information; it will not be available on the Shopify site.

  4. KAYENTA CONFIRMATION: You will receive a personalized email from me within 48 hours when you order during normal order cycles; the email will contain video and instructional resources. If you have any questions about delivery, we will have already connected on email, and you can ask me directly.

  5. KAYENTA GAMES CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY: Although you may be purchasing the game through other sources, Kayenta Games is your contact for ANY issues with your purchase no matter where you are located. My policy is that your game must be perfect. Any issues, please contact Dan Hallagan at hallagan@kayentapublishing.com.