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NOVEMBER 4, 2020


Upstairs, Downstairs and Obsession 2nd Edition Kickstarter fulfillment is officially complete, but it is no longer available retail via Amazon in the United States. Amazon has removed my listings as the result of an admin issue. I am now selling it directly via email and PayPal until I can either get that resolved or setup up a different ecommerce site.


Canadian retail is still active through Board Game Bliss. Retail in Europe and the rest of the world will be in early 2021 (stay tuned for developments); the situation in Europe (Covid) is making things quite complicated.


Canadian Retail

Shipping Schedule: Quartermaster Logistics ships on Tuesday and Friday. Orders received by Monday at 11:00am will ship Tuesday. Orders received between Monday at 11:00am up and Thursday at 11:00am will ship Friday.

U.S. Retail

  1. RETAIL VERSION: The deluxe Kickstarter editions of Obsession, Upstairs, Downstairs, the Wessex expansion, and the Promotional Tiles are the only versions being sold retail. All stretch goals and deluxe components (including, for example, the box storage system seen at top) are contained in the retail versions.

  2. KAYENTA GAMES CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY: Although you will be purchasing the game through Amazon, Kayenta Games is your contact for ANY issues with your purchase. Our policy is that your game must be perfect. Any issues, please contact Dan Hallagan at

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