modern tabletop board games

Board games have evolved into a higher form of entertainment. The modern tabletop board games being created today are as far from Monopoly and Risk as an iPhone X from a corded dial phone.

The place to begin is to choose a theme that interests you: city planning, animals, art galleries, medieval architecture, wine, space exploration, Mayan civilization, Victorian England.

You will find an experience that captures the essence of a theme, rolling it into a hour-long experience and layering it with deep, coherent tactics and strategy.

As a board game evangelist before I became a board game designer, I have seen this new gaming experience captivate folks from every walk of life: teenagers addicted to cell phones, Netflix binge-watching young professionals, and more mature family and friends who thought with trepidation I was asking them to sit to a game of Careers.

Spend an hour or two once a week playing these delightful new board games, and imagine what they might bring: an electronic-free experience exploring history, hobbies, civilizations, or mythology all the while socializing with family and friends the old-fashioned way: talking, competing, shouting, and laughing.


Enjoyable medicine for our stressful, electronic, frantic lifestyles.

Here at Kayenta Games, we have uniquely captured the Victorian era of social intrigue, honor, romance and shame—the world of Anthony Trollope and Jane Austen—and created a gaming experience of extraordinary strategic depth.

Experience Obsession!

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