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“What is Hell like?” asks a serious young man within earshot of an angel.


How would you answer such a question?


Even a powerful angel who knows about every detail of Hell struggles to explain that place shrouded in mystery that no one wants to visit, but about which everyone is at least a little bit curious.

If Hell is not lakes of boiling blood and demons with whips, what is it?


The life of Earl Cornelius Manningham—a military leader and powerful ruler on a distant planet populated by the most savage, unpleasant citizens one can imagine—is an excellent place to start, the angel decides. Earl Cornelius is violent, obnoxious, cruel, hateful, disgusting, and more than a little bit crazy—just about everything bad all shoved into one soul: a hellish creature if there ever was one. She commands his life story be written—this very book—but does she get what she expects?


In the tradition of C.S. Lewis, Kayenta Publishing offers fantasy with a purpose in the biography of Earl Cornelius Manningham, a savage creature uniquely qualified to convey the horrors of that loveless place called Hell.


Or is he?


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