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Integrating Upstairs, Downstairs into your 1st Edition of Obsession.
Here is a video that shows how all expansions fit in the 2nd edition big box
First time playing?
Recommendations for how to get started:
  • Begin with a solo game with just the base game + Wessex to start (Wessex uses the same ruleset as the base game). Solo teaches you the flow so well, without the bother of teaching someone. Here's a new video series showing solo with 2nd Edition Obsession, very well done:
  • Then play a 2 player game, again just the base game + Wessex. This makes the 'teach' easy and avoids downtime with higher player counts. Be sure to play with a Closed Courtship (explained in the video below). Here's a playthrough with just two players using the base game + Wessex:
  • Then onward to Upstairs, Downstairs!
Setting up your 1st game of Obsession

Just the base game:
Setting the base game with all expansions:
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