Anthony and Frances, Euro game aficionados, do a complete two player run through of Obsession, followed by a thorough review.

"I enjoyed this one a lot. It's one of those games you want to get right back to the table. It's, 'Alright, let's do it again let's figure this one out!' You're not just playing your opponent, you're playing the puzzle." —Anthony, Ant Lab Games

"It hits that sweet spot of easy to learn, easy to put out

and understand, but challenging to master. If you could ever master it." —Frances, Ant Lab Games

Ant Lab Games—Obsession Playthrough Review


Complex prototypes are rather expensive and difficult to mass produce. With limited prototypes of Obsession at my disposal, I set my sights back in the summer of 2017 on one valuable review: Richard Ham (Rahdo). I was fortunate enough that the theme interested him and his wife, Jenefer, and he gave the game a glowing review.

Rahdo Runs Through—Obsession, Final Thoughts


Although not technically a review, Jon only takes on projects that interest him for conducting a full playthrough.


JonGetsGames—Obsession, Tutorial and Playthrough


A complete teach and playthrough from the reviewer specializing in heavier games. A tribute to the weight of Obsession, which has a theme often treated too lightly for serious gamers. This video is the first to use the Expert Variant that reduces thematically-driven random elements.


Obsession 4p Teaching, Play-through, & Round table discuion by Heavy Cardboard


Wonderful camera work and a very concise overview of the rules from Giancarlo. “The game is teeming with tactics and strategy.”


Board to Death—Obsession, Board Game Video Review